About Us
Hilomu Tours Travel and Car Hire, located in Lusaka, is a professional car hire and air ticketing company that provides efficient and cost effective car hire and air ticket services. With a wide selection of vehicles and airlines to choose from, we specialize in catering for all your road and air travel needs.
Hilomu Tours Travel and Car Hire has vehicles ranging from saloon cars to 4×4 vehicles, as well as mini buses, we also sell air tickets for various airlines and destinations at affordable prices.Vehicles can be self driven or chauffeur driven by our own trained drivers. The company can also assist with tours and accommodation packages for individuals, businesses and visitors to Zambia. Hilomu has worked with many reputable clients including Government ministries, NGOs and the private sector. At Hilomu we move with you all the way to and from your destinations with safety insured. We welcome our clients with open arms, and we are always ready to help with their needs.
To provide a continuous supply of quality Car Hire, Travel and Tour services that meets the demands and needs of our clients everywhere.
To provide an ongoing opportunity for Financial Security and independence through development and success.
HILOMU CAR HIRE & TOURS provides support in the development of each of our people to attain their full potential and be the best that can be, to be happy with their present optimistic about their future and be seen as exceptional among those who know them; to cause Hilomu Car Hire & Tours Services and providing the way for all in the industry.
To establish a presence and promoting public image, trust in every free market on the globe and become number one in the tourism industry.
Satisfying and treating every customer as an individual with specific wants, likes, dislikes, needs and ways a customer feels.
The firm is self-financed and with the diversification of its business, demands for increased funding in order to maximize its business potential growth and meet investment opportunities. Financial information will be provided depending on the nature of requested purpose. As indicated, the firm has good record of quality workmanship and has undertaken large projects with reputable companies and individuals. This shows that the firm has a sound financial position.
Keep us on track preserving our values. Moving forward with our purpose customer service first unequaled wants and needs support be positive contributor to our tourism industry.
  • High quality satisfying wants and needs
  • Whole service based on individual feelings/backed by wants
  • Growth oriented
  • Good enough never is
  • Goal driven
  • Profit is a result of effort
  • Absolute integrity
  • Customers are always number one
  • Service that satisfy
  • Equal opportunity for all
  • Long range vision
 The services are mainly supplied to:
  • Embassies
  • Government ministries
  • NGOs learning institutions
  • Churches
  • Private sector
  • Tourists
  • Hotels
  • Learning institutions
Previously we have engaged in business activities with the following institutions;
  1. The electoral commission of Zambia
  2. Ministry of education
  3. Office of the vice president
  4. National assembly
  5. ZTE corporation
  6. Afro Egypt
  7. Telsol Zambia
  10. National milling corporation
  11. Food reserve agency
  12. NISAR
  13. State functions/ summits/conferences/Diplomat delegates
  • Car hire
  • Ticketing
  • Visa arrangements
  • Immigration
  • Transfers
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Private tours
  • Historical and cultural tours
Hilomu Car Hire & Tours has just one definition of quality service: SERVICE THAT CONSISTENTLY MEETS OR EXCEEDS THE EXPECTATION OF THE CUSTOMER and establish a reputation for personalized service that is used as a benchmark in the tourism sector, recognizing that every customer is an individual with specific wants, likes, dislikes and needs that are often over looked, the focus is on the way that every customer feels.
We have a team of highly qualified professionals as per management structure striving to understand their customers on individual basis and ensure that interface is another step in an ongoing relationship additionally well groomed.
Chauffeurs are handpicked for their decorum, professionalism and reliability with thorough knowledge of the area they operate in so as to ensure committed time schedules are met consistently for each customer. Each chauffeur is exposed to ongoing training as well as regular skills and updated permits to ensure that services and safety are provided without stoppage.
Clients comfort ability and confidentiality is of utmost importance without exception. Hilomu Car Hire & Tours ensures that all vehicles carrying clients are insured and strictly maintained to the manufacturers standards.
The following are vehicles:
26 to 30 Seater buses
Quantum Buses
7 to 14 Seater Buses
        4x4 vehicles
        Saloon cars